Overview of iPhone App Categories

The software categories allow you to create the folders in your iphone, itouch etc. This helps you to sorganize your iphone homescreen in order to keep it organized in the way that you need whether which is alphabetical or buy App genre. Because these apps use a iconit is not required to edit the files. Once the app is inserted in a category then it will be removed from the spring board. Simultaneously for away the apps from your category it will again turn back to the spring board. Many iphone users are utilizing the My Categories app which lets you locate folders in to your desktop. It also categorizes all pages of the app and games into categories. You have to load the main GUI and possess to decide on the "ADD" to create a category. Once you called for the name of the category you need to supply the name of the category and you must select an icon. If you want to delete an iphone app category the course must be vacant or blank in order to delete it. Let's start with you must delete the app in the category before you delete the category.

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The Categories iphone app is surely an app which can be developed by the important Boss. This app will allows you to produce the categories by means of folders which lets you reduce the quantity of homepages. It will be accessible more easily. The categories app can be installed by means of Cydia. As soon as you installed the app you must launch it from the home screen. At the same time you launch the app you may create folders for every category in places you want to organize the iphone app. When you supply the title for your category it's going to ask to select an icon to that particular category. You will see wide varies of icons where one can select one for that category. If you want to move an icon to the desltop you need to delete it from your particular categories folders. In order to delete a category then you've got to select the edit and then just choose the category that you want to delete. With the help of this app you can reduce the number of pages in your home screen in an exceedingly few seconds. In order to update any games category there is no need to move it side the course just you update it it is. Additionally it is very helpful to examine the iPhone app reviews which are seen when clicking on an app and looking at the bottom of the developers notes. These app reviews might help identify what are the best apps for iPhone and iPad.

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The iphone customers take advantage of different techniques to arrange their increasing list of iphone apps on their own desltop , one to organize iphone apps that drops under the same category for a passing fancy desltop page. The categories app shortens the categorization iphone apps around the home screen by means of folders. Usually while using categories app you can in a position to decrease the home pages from five or two. The categories app is an excellent application.


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